Name of Organization   Anjuman-e Imamia Gilgit


No information regarding the formation of the organization is available. 

Leadership   Ex-President: Deedar Ali

Deedar Ali (Ex Member Northern Areas Legislative Assembly of TJP Pakistan) was elected as President of Markazi Anjuman-e-Imamia Gilgit Gilgit in 2008[1]. Details about Deedar are unavailable.

President: Faqir Shah

Deedar Ali was replaced by Faqir Shah in the next elections. After running the operations for few years, Faqir was detained by law enforcement agencies for preaching sectarian hatred in July 2012. The arrests were made after the Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) government issued directives to launch a crackdown against the activists of various sectarian organizations[2]. Details about early part of Faqir Shah’s life are not available.

Secretary General: Syed Tassawur Kazmi

Syed Tassawur Kazmi is a government employee and works in the capacity of an IT Administrator/ at transport/ freight company Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO). Kazmi acquired his education from Comsats Institute of Information Technology. He has also remained Education Secretary of Jafria Students Organization Pakistan [3].

As per available information, all these three members (Deedar Ali, Faqir Shah and Syed Tassawar Kazmi) have been involved in inciting violence and hate speech, while they have also been arrested under these charges. 

School of Thought   Shia

(The Shia represent the second biggest denomination of Islam[20]. Believers of Shia Islam are called Shias. "Shia" is the short form of the historic phrase Shīʻatu Aliʻ), meaning "followers", "faction", or "party" of Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law and cousin Ali, whom the Shia believe to be Muhammad's successor in the Caliphate)[4].

Structure of the Organization  

INo information is available regarding the structure of the organization.

Financial Resources  

Information not available.


In May 2012, Pakistan’s interior ministry published a list of around 40 organizations that are banned in Pakistan. Anjuman e Imamia’s name was also present in that list[5].

Recruitment tools & demographics  

Details about their recruitment strategies are unavailable. 


The outfit is apparently established to defend and promote Shia ideology in Gilgit-Baltistan but simultaneously it also contributes to heightened tensions among sectarian communities through hate speech.

Areas of Operation   The group operates strictly in the areas of Gilgit and Baltistan.

Linkages   Unknown
Tools   Print Media:
Not Available

Not Available

    Audio / Video:
Not Available

Social Media:
Not Available

web site   Not Available
Name Variations   There are no aliases or name variations as per available information.

Who they are

There is no particular information available over how this group was formed, the specific leadership and why it has been added to the banned list. The only information available is concerning news reports regarding the arrest of its members, their activities and the banning of the outfit by the government. According to government, the group is involved in inciting violence[6].



Organization's Message

Through the information acquired, the organization is promoting hate speech against rival sects, while aiming to promote their own ideology.

Target Audience

The target audience for the activities carried out by the organization is the Shia community in Gilgit.


The group does not have any dedicated online or offline tools, rather news concerning their activities appears on various websites and Facebook pages. These include , Shiite News and  

Splinter Groups




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