Name of Organization

Ansar ul Hussain


While no clear information regarding formation of the organization is given.



School of thought/ Classification

         IAnsar ul-Hussain is a Shi'ite humanitarian organization


Organization's ideology is aligned towards Iran and train youth to fight in Syria.


With Iran and Syria based militant organizations as well as “Zaynabiyoun Brigade” in Syria.

Financial resources


Recruitment tools & demographics

It was allegedly involved in recruiting Shia youth to fight in Syria. Significant Information regarding the recruitment tools is unavailable. Whereas presence of group was found in Karachi Pakistan.

Connections & linkages


Areas of Operation

It is a militant group operating in Syria.


Media and Services 
Media website
Youtube Channel 

Name Variations



Proscribed on December 30, 2016[2]



Who they are:

lIt is as local organization suspected of alluring recruits to battle together with Iranian-backed fighters supporting government forces in Syria’s civil war. It is said that they has quietly been luring and sending Shi’ite youths from several northwestern areas in Pakistan to Iran, where they are trained to fight and then sent to Syria. The recruited Pakistanis are reportedly deployed in the “Zaynabiyoun Brigade” in Syria. The primary role of this militia is to fight in areas around Damascus. They recruit through Twitter and Facebook by posting phone numbers and by checking their abilities as well as offers financial incentives as well as Iranian citizenship. Abu Talib Musawi linked with this organization and claimed himself as Pakistani fighter in Syria.

Organization’s Message:

Information regarding the organization’s message is not available

Target Audience:

Youth for fighting in Syria











Splinter Groups

No information is available


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