The organization was formed in 2010 with the purpose of countering Baluch nationalist organizations in the province [1]. Since the creation, the outfit has been engaged in violent activities in Baluchistan against other nationalist militant organizations fighting the security forces [2]

Leadership   Leader- Shafiq-ur-RahmanMengal

BMDT’s main leader Shafiq-ur-Rahman Mengal is son of former petroleum minister Mir Naseer Mengal. He is accused of being involved in various criminal activities ranging from kidnapping of journalists to rocket launcher attacks on the civilians [3].

Other leaders:
• Ata ur Rehman Mengal
• Mir Jang Baloch

No significant information regarding both the leaders is available.

School of Thought   Unknown

Structure of the Organization  


Financial Resources  




The group was added to the proscribed list by the Pakistani government in 2011 [4].

Recruitment tools & demographics  

No significant information is available regarding the recruitment tools of the organization.


While little is known about the ideology of the organization, the main objective of the organization is to divert Baloch national struggle towards freedom from Pakistan [5].

Areas of Operation   The outfit operates mainly in the province of Balochistan (Quetta and Khuzdar).

Linkages   No information is available regarding the linkages of BMDT with any other organization.
Tools   N/A
    Audio / Video:

Social Media:

web site   Not Available
Name Variations   N/A

Who they are

Baluch Musalla Difa Tanzeem (BMDT) is one of the militant organizations operating in Baluchistan. It has been involved in various violent activities including:
 Threats to journalists in Khuzdar for not carrying any news item related to Baluch Nationalist Organizations
 Carrying out grenade attacks on civilians residing in the area.
 Just recently, the outfit targeted a cultural show of the Baluch Students Organization claiming the lives of two innocent people.
 The organization was also involved in the murder of Habib Jalib Baluch who was secretary general of the Baluchistan National Party and former chairman of Baluch Students Organization


Baloch Musalla Dafa Tanzeem (BMDT) was established by Ataur-Rehman Mengal with the purpose of diverting the Baloch national struggle from its main objective “freedom from Pakistan” [7] .They are following the same pattern of Al-Shams and Al-Badar in East Pakistan [8] .They are involved in criminal activities including killing, grenade attacks, acid attack on women and rocket attacks kidnapping, disrupting the law and order situation [9]. It was banned by the Pakistani government in 2011 for inciting violence in the province [10]. No other information is available.

Organization's Message

This terrorist organization is mostly aimed at disrupting Peace in Baluchistan by carrying out terrorists’ activities.

Target Audience


According to sources, they use pamphlets and flyers to spread their message in the province. 

Splinter Groups




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