Name of Organization

Baluchistan Republican  Army



The organization was formed in 2006 by Brahmdad Bugti.


Brahamdagh Bugti

Grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Brahamdagh Bugti is the head of the Baluchistan Republican Army and is currently living in exile since the death of his grandfather in a military operation in an area near Kohlu, Baluchistan in 2006. [1]   

School of Thought

 Baluch Nationalist

The organization believes in the independence of Baluchistan province.  

Structure of the Organization


Information regarding the structure of the organization is unavailable  


Financial Sources

No information is available



Proscribed on September 8, 2010[2]


Recruitment Tools and Demographics


Information regarding the recruitment tools is unavailable;



 It is ethno nationalist[3]

Areas of operation

 The organization operates within the province of Baluchistan.  


The group has links with the Baluchistan Republican Party and other Baluchi  militant groups[4]


 Print Media

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 Social Media:

BRA is not highly active on social media; however it has pages on twitter through which it connects with some of its followers



Name Variations




Who they are

Baluchistan Republican Army is a militant organization fighting against the state for an independent Baluchistan. The members of the organization are mostly from the Bugti tribe and student political activists in Baluchistan. The group is against any kind of foreign investment and foreign intervention in Baluchistan. It has targeted Pakistani security forces and has threatened to continue attacking civilians if the Pakistani government does not withdraw its troops from the province. The organization utilizes mortar hits, car bombs, IEDs, landmines, small-arms attacks, conventional and unconventional warfare and nationalist propaganda to achieve its objectives. In April 2011 a military run Frontier Works Organization Camp was attacked by eight BRA members, 11 people lost their lives in the attack and 2 were wounded.[5] Similarly, on April 23rd 2015, the organization attacked a security forces convoy in the area of Kech killing 8 people.


The organization was formed in 2006 in result of growing resentment in Baluchistan over the increase in control of the Pakistani central government in the province and monopolization of Baluchi resources.[6] It was formed by Brahamdagh Bugti grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti who is currently living in exile. [7]   

Organizationís Message

The organization propagates violent means of liberation of Baluchistan

 Target Audience

There is no specific information regarding the targeted audience.


The organization uses online tools including Facebook and Twitter to connect with its followers and spread its ideology. Information regarding offline tools is unavailable 



Splinter Groups: N/A 



Nawab Akbar Bugti

Nawab Akbar Bugti is considered the greatest leader of the Baloch nation. At the age of thirteen after his fatherís death in 1939 Akbar Bugti was appointed the chief of his tribe. Nawab Bugti played an important role in politics of Baluchistan. In the early 1970s Akbar Bugti was appointed Governor of Baluchistan by the Federal Government but resigned from the post in result of a military operation in Baluchistan. In 1988 Nawab Bugti joined the Baluch National Alliance and was elected Chief Minister of Baluchistan but resigned from the post after the provincial assembly was dissolved in 1990 by General Musa Khan. Akbar Bugti was killed on 26th August 2006 in a military operation launched by the Pakistan Army in Baluchistan.[8]


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