Name of Organization   PEOPLES AMAN COMMITTEE (PAC)


Layari based Balcoh violent/extremist gang PAC was founded in 2008 by Rehman Dakait. In start, they had strong linkages with Pakistan People’s party PPP, but with time, rivalries surfaced between both the parties and now they are against PPP and Mutahida Quomi Movement MQM [1]. This group was formed to counter the Arshad Puppu gang who killed the father of Rehman Dakait. This group is involved in Lyari gang war [2].

Leadership   Founder-Sardar Abdul Rehman Baloch also known as Rehman Dakait was founder of PAC an extremist group. He was wanted in about 80 crimes. Rehman died in police encounter in 2009 but his name survived in the area of Karachi, Sindh.

Current Leader
2008-After the death of his cousin Rehman Dakait in 2008, Uzair Ali Baloch became the leader of PAC [3].
No more information relating to both the leaders is available.


School of Thought   Violence, Extortion.


Structure of the Organization  


Financial Resources  

Rehman Baloch himself was the main financial source of the organization. The outfit established:
 Educational institutions and medical centers with the help of Rehman himself and contributions by followers.
 They carry charity work to win the support of people and acquire finances.
 Moreover, with the help of Kidnappings for ransom, extortion, smuggling, and gambling, they also acquire funds to run the organization [5].


Proscribed-2011:PAC was banned in 2011according to Sindh home department notification under clause (11/B) of Anti-terrorism Act 1997 [6]

Recruitment tools & demographics  

The outfit targets jobless Youth of Lyari and other adjoining areas. PAC has dominating members of the baloch community followed by;
 Kutchhis
 Sindhis
 Punjabis,
 Pashtuns and
 Urdu-speaking communities. It is highly believed that once someone enters in PAC or other gangs, he cannot leave the gang unless he leaves the area, city or in some instances the country. Otherwise he can get killed [7].


The group is a breakaway militant/terrorist group of a mainstream political party PPP. The group believes in violence, intimidation and extortion to keep its influence on the target population. 

Areas of Operation   Lyari and Baloch populated areas of Karachi, Sindh 

Linkages   Unknown 
Tools   Unknown 
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Social Media:


web site
Name Variations   Peoples Aman Committee, PAC and Peoples Peace Committee 

Who they are

Peoples Aman Committee is Layari, Sindh based an extremist/violent group formed in 2008 by gangster Sardar Abdul Rehman Baloch (AKA Rehman Dakait). In addition to Lyari they are also operating in other Baluch populated areas of Sind and Baluchistan. They claim that they are serving the community and doing social work. On the contrary, they are involved in target killing, gang war, extortion, drugs, snatching, kidnapping for ransom etc [8].


2008-It was founded by a gangster and criminal RehmanDakait in 2008.
2009- After the death of Rehman Dakait in 2009, Uzair Baloch took over as the leader of PAC, who is a stern follower of tribal traditions. They are in conflict with political parties especially PPP representatives and Mutahida Quomi Movement MQM
[9]. PAC was banned in 2011according to Sindh home department notification under clause (11/B) of Anti-terrorism Act 1997. Due to their status as a banned organization they are unable to carry on their political and social activities [10].

Organization's Message

Its apparent message is to safeguard the rights of Balochs residing in different areas of Karachi.

Target Audience

Organization engages/ traps jobless and mostly uneducated youngsters of their area. Small groups recruit their students with the permission of their head of the organization.


TCommunity of Lyari is mostly poor and not well educated. Therefore instead of using literature like militant/terrorist organization PAC engages youngsters by offering them:
 Money
 Bikes
 Mobile phones and
 Promises of a lavish life style etc.
 Gangsters usually attract youngsters with thrilling activities and things like weapons and violent acts etc.
They have presence on social media (Facebook pages and groups) and a website. On one of their Facebookpages (UzairBaluch’s official page) a number of posts and links of Sipah-e Sahaba Pakistan have been shared, which are extremely anti-Shiite
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