Name of Organizations Under Watch List

This section of the database deals with the organizations that are not currently ‘banned’ by the government of Pakistan, however there are question marks regarding the activities of these organizations. These organizations might be directly or indirectly supporting or themselves conducting violent extremism. Therefore, the activities of the mentioned organizations are being continuously monitored by the State and currently the organizations have been put on the ‘watch list’.

  Sunni Tehreek (now known as Pakistan Sunni Tehreek)    
  Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice)    
  Tanzeem e Islami    
  Ghulaman-i-Sahaba on watch list since May 30, 2017    
  Maymar Trust on a watch list since March 29, 2017    
  Sachal Sarmast Welfare Trust Karachi on watch list since June 2019    
  Al-Jaza Patient Welfare Organization were added to the watch list in June 2019